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Fraud & Investigation

Numbers don't lie. But, the truth can sometimes be elusive. More and more these days, you need an expert to get to the heart of the matter. That is why at ZUMOS Consulting team we have a leading team of experts who specialize in providing forensic accounting, expert opinion reporting and investigation services to the legal, professional services and corporate environment.

At ZUMOS Consulting, we cover a broad range of forensic services including;
1. Fraud investigations 
Our experienced team of specialist investigators, including Certified Fraud Examiners, uses innovative investigative techniques, combined with state of the art computer forensic expertise, to provide investigation services in occupational fraud, embezzlement, abuse of office and accounting irregularities.
2. Corporate compliance 
We offer compliance risk/performance assessments including anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation compliance.
3. Anti-fraud consulting 
We help our clients in

  • Designing improvements to or setting up their anti-fraud programs,
  • Conducting fraud assessments,
  • Conducting fraud and forensic training,
  • Formulation of Fraud policies and development of fraud deterrence procedures.
4. Dispute Services 
We provide advice to our clients on the financial aspects of disputes. From support in preparing for a dispute to the negotiations and formal proceedings, including: Financial and economic damages litigation and expert witness testimony.
Our team works with your in-house or external counsel to help you, the client win more or lose less as a result of commercial disputes.
We provide accounting expertise to quantify the losses incurred or likely to be incurred as a result of arguments with customers, suppliers or other stakeholders and we provide support during negotiations and as expert witnesses in court should a settlement not be reached
5. Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support 
Today's legal team needs effective forensic accountants more than ever. In addition, the forensic accountant, acting as an "Expert Witness" must possess the verbal skills to simply and factually relate their findings to a jury made up of non-financial laypersons. Astute legal professionals realize that their litigation support and expert witnesses must not only be seasoned accountants who know their way around a balance sheet, but effective communicators as well. .
At ZUMOS Consulting we know the ropes from requesting the right documents through to delivering effective and sound expert testimony. We have done it all. All of our forensic accountants have years of hands-on audit experience. In addition, they also are skills leaders of professional development seminars.
At ZUMOS Consulting the litigation support services we provide include:
  • obtaining adequate financial records
  • validating cash records and finding hidden assets
  • determination of loss
  • reviewing seized records for authenticity and adequacy
  • preparing questions for interrogatories and depositions
  • re-performance of transactions and detailed tests of transactions
Our knowledge comes from a range of experience dealing with matters of fraud, corruption, business intelligence and regulatory compliance.
As auditors, consultants and educators, we have extensive experience in financial statement fraud, employee embezzlement and financial crimes, but also with evaluating the people and the internal controls within organizations. We work with attorneys providing litigation support that ensures you will prevail in your case

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