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In today’s global economy, everybody is looking for cost savings. At ZUMOS, we’re perfectly placed to help our clients realize that goal.
We work with clients to review the ways they manage their supply chain, and procure equipment, goods and services. Our procurement and supply chain practice has developed tools and processes aimed at achieving significant savings – therefore helping to protect our clients’ bottom-line profit or public facing front-line services. We provide documentation that is fully auditable and traceable, to fully safeguard our clients’ interests.
Working with our MCIPS (UK), CPSP (PSPTB), and CPA (T) as qualified procurement experts and specific business advisory experts, our consultants have an impressive record of delivering cashable and non-cashable efficiencies. They achieve this through robust commercial governance, the application of market-leading technologies, accredited processes and systems and through the application of category knowledge and expertise across a broad range of goods, works and services.
Our team has access to a host of benchmarking data to enable you to set realistic targets. We also have the tools to show your progress against those targets.

The purpose for which ZUMOS Procurement and Business consultancy firm was established is to carry out consultancy works in different fields within and out of Zanzibar. ZUMOS working with government, companies and NGOs. Our expertise in Public Finance, Asset Valuation, Investment, Resource Mobilization, Institutional Development, Supply Chain, Islamic Banking and Finance, Asset Register, Research Methodology, Pedagogical Skills Development, Poverty Eradication, Child Rights Protection, Human Resources Management, Leadership Skills Development, Good Governance, Counseling and Guidance, Entrepreneurship Skills Development, Business Plan Design, Strategic Plan Design and training enables government and organizations to accept us positively. We are very resourceful and committed to value for money as we are results oriented.

We have a proven track record on timely service provision and delivery in all our fields of expertise and competency in the public and private sectors. We have so far won and executed successfully a number of consultancy programs from the public and private sectors. We have executed a number of Government, Parastatal organization as well as World Bank financed contracts.

Our approach ranges from individual mentoring and support through to the development of comprehensive training materials, covering all aspects of a national procurement system and other related fields. We have met the needs of all relevant public and private sector stakeholders.


  • Our professionalism, expertise and outstanding experience enable us attach much attention to value for your money
  • Your concern is ours too, we want Zanzibar and Tanzania at large to develop and we are ready to do all that we can to achieve this objective
  • We are already on ground and we understand very well the challenges our communities and continent are encountering.


  • cut operational costs
  • reduce business risks
  • add value to yourself and your work
  • generate revenue from non traditional sources
  • transform your company into an innovative market leader amidst the stiff competition


The experts at ZUMOS Procurement and Business consultants firm believe in a process focused approach and have a comprehensive view and operationalisation of activities and programs in Zanzibar and Tanzania business management topologies and environment. This expertise warrants the provision and delivery of accurate and precise solutions appropriate for focused and competitive companies that wish to operate business in Zanzibar and Tanzania.


Our main objective is to design and implement best in class supply chain consulting solutions for our clients to achieve supply chain excellence and sustainable competitive advantage. We focus on cost and service efficiency, and reliable processes supported by the adequate level of automation to the benefit of our clients.

ZUMOS Consultants strength is the ability to integrate these competences providing logistics and supply chain consulting which exceed our client’s expectations. We design strategies, develop cost-effective alternatives, determine IT processes and equipment and implement the solutions. We take over responsibility, support the startup and fine-tune the operation. We are going the extra mile to make our clients’ vision work. Our continuous efforts in Research and Development generate exceptional innovations. The primary focus of our supply chain consulting, strategies and designs is implementation: within budget, on-time and providing full performance, including trained personnel.

We’re helping many of our clients transform their procurement practices, rethink how their supply chains are managed and reduce risk in their commercial transactions – leading to optimal efficiency, reduced costs, improved performance and greater accountability.

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