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The firm was established under the pillar of quality provision of services to exceed the clients’ expectations and has since then expanded to include teams of skilled professionals at several levels of consulting both in the field of accounting, auditing, procurement, legal, tax and general consultancy through selected highly professional technical team that carefully match to clients needs.
The firm combines excellent consulting proficiency, through innovative ideas, desire for performance and care for the society and attracts endeavors to challenge top performers and attracts high potentials due to its open-minded environment. The firm does not believe in a standard industry answers since custom solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients. We therefore, ground each solution in how our client’s organization actually works and in the client’s unique position in the marketplace.
We operate on a principle that our clients should be best served by a team of professionals to create a team building philosophy in which a client-based focus and the ability to quickly respond to suitable, yet often critical, evolving client needs with uncommon flexibility . On top of that, a personal commitment to quality, professionalism, creativity and accountability to the client’s needs is enhanced. This at the end of the day brings in mature management skills that will be able to work with and facilitate communications between executive level client managers and managers of other organizations. ....READ MORE

Our Mission
Providing professional best practices consulting services and assists in growth of clients business through delivery of quality services, innovation, and creating benchmarks to generate further growth and gain a lasting competitive advantage that can conform to our client’s expectations and meet the deadline.
Our Vision
To be the leader in client satisfaction, professionalism, superior quality delivery and innovation by working in partnership with our clients to add value and consistently exceeding their expectations.

Director's Note
Dear esteemed Clients
First of all, I want to thank you and congratulate you for choosing the ZUMOS-Procurement and Business Consultants as the most important consulting firm for your present and future business engagement and success in personal and business life.
 I have to give due respect to all who have contributed to ZUMOS-Procurement and Business Consultants with their own share and self-sacrificing efforts to make this Consulting firm to be the first and the most accredited as well as the shining example of success in the field of consultancy and advise to the community of Zanzibar specifically, Tanzania generally and the world at large.
During the first year of its existence, ZUMOS has strongly established the methodologies among the best and will continue to do so with constant action aiming to improve the Procurement and general business shapes of Zanzibar Government and private operated companies for quality in purchase and business process, development of projects, establishing a cooperation and achieving the best results.
In the near future, we will move forward, empowered with new ideas and vision of quality in services, innovation and research, in cooperation with all related sectors, which will ensure our esteemed clients the opportunity to attain the business objectives, to be brave entrepreneurs and to broaden their horizons in all directions, with a particular emphasis on mentoring and counseling targeted to strengthen affinity each of you individually to build capacity of your business operations.
Promising ZUMOS can become a significant reason in belonging to the ranks of the great if we work together in a friendly and positive atmosphere and continue contributing to achievement of success for all of us.
On behalf of managerial and Professional staff of ZUMOS-Procurement and Business Consultants, I promise you that we will do our best in finding answers to your questions and satisfying your desire for professional, improvement and success.

Yours Faithfully,

Authorized Signature                    __________________________________________
Name and Title of Signatory:                CPSP (T) ZUBEIR H. ZUBEIR.
                                                            In the Capacity of Executive Director.

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